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How to find  exact match domain's

How to find exact match domain's

Find your target EMD (exact match domain's using google keyword planner and godaddy: 

In Keyword Planner, input in a search for a relevant primary keyword (in my case, I put properties), and when you receive the results, click on Keyword Ideas, and filter for Average Monthly Searches. 

then you can ad location to,but you get less results , this works well for geo domains.

You will now have up to , lets say 800 search terms, ranked in order of search volume; the most popular search terms last month to the least popular search terms. 

 We now want to run those keywords through Godaddy Bulk Search and see if any great domains are available to register.   

But, instead of putting each one into Godaddy search, we copy and past 500 keywords at a time but if you log in ,   you can do 2000 keywords.   

After a few seconds, before you will be a list of domains that you can either register or buy, and these domains are filtered according to search popularity.

In other words, each domain on the list is an EMD (an "exact match domain"), a domain that is the precise, exact match for a search term,  and those domains are ranked in order of the most popular search terms to the least popular.   

And there is good reason for us doing this: , the more searches the keyword of an EMD gets, the more valuable the domain.

Results:we've struck gold. 


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