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Rui Ribeiro
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Rui Ribeiro


Get  a checklist before buying domains

Get a checklist before buying domains

Good domains for you to buy and sell need to have the folowing:

  • The more Google searches for the keyword, the better.

  • No trademark infringements

  • Similar domains have been sold in the past.(keyword related)

  • The .com extension , but it can be applied to other extensions.

  • No hyphens.

  • No stop words.(negative words).

  • No numbers.(unless you are targeting the china market or launching a service)

  • Shorter is better.

  • The higher the CPC, better is.

  • Age; older,better (these are well know domains that have been promoted before , etc

  • Competition - The lower the availability of domains for this niche, the better.

  • end users; end-users prefer good-looking domains.

  • Appeal; the wider the audience, the better.

  • American English is best for an international, English-speaking domain .

  • Brandability;more brandable,  better.

  • The more obvious the end-use, the better. 

  • Domain reputation (check if there is any negative reviews on search engines ). 

  • Blacklisted 

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