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Rui Ribeiro
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Rui Ribeiro


2140 Journal Niche ideas for domains and startups

2140 Journal Niche ideas for domains and startups

                                                               2140 JOURNAL NICHES 


Here is my niche selection:


Alternative medicine (acupuncture, ayurveda, herbal...)

Art and Crafts (painting, drawing, embroidery, jewelry...) Astronomy (zodiac, planets and stars)

Automotive (cars, motorcycles, trucks, trains, old...)

Beauty (men, women, boys, girls)

Camping (adventures, travel)

Cats (puppies, adults, specific cat breeds)

Chocolate (recipes, story)

Coffee (recipes, coffee bars, coffee from the world)

Coloring for Adults (black and white photos to color)

Diets (ketogenic, paleo, dash, vegan, vegetarian, low-carb...) Dogs (puppies, adults, specific dog breeds)

Drones (made by drones panoramas)

Esoterism (tarots, spells, witchcraft, angels, palm reading...) Farming (farm, farm animals, agriculture, chicken coops) Fidget spinners (different types or different games)

Finance and Investment (forex, stock market, exchanges...) Fishing (fishes, adventures)

Fitness (aerobic, six pack abs, crossfit, jogging, bodybuilding...) Food (recipes, experiences, cakes, drinks)

Gardening (indoor, outdoor, parks, bonsai...)

Gifts (50 gifts for dad, mom, wife, husband, son, daughter...) Ghost hunting (haunted places, experiences, photos)

Going green (reusing, environment, recycling, green energy...) Health (diabetes, arthritis, back pain, diarrhea, cold, flu...) 

Hemp (recipes, health)

Hiking (places, tips and tricks...)

History (antiques, wars, country or city history) Hobbies (collecting coins, stamps, clocks, hats...) Hunting (hunt, traps, weapons for hunting, preys...) Kids (games to play at home or outside)

Martial Arts (karate, judo, akido, tai-chi…)

Movies (movies out during the next year)

Music (dance, gospel, jazz, disco, latino and more...)

Pets (horses, iguanas, birds, insects, bears...)

Photos (make a calendar with your photos, if you travel) Self-Help (happiness, success, business/personal growth) Sports (soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, hockey, NFL...) Survival (surviving, food conservation, economic crash...) Tattoos (people with tattoos, tattoo models)

Travel (photos from places, cities, countries)

Yoga (kundalini yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga...)

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