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How To Get Targeted USA Audience on TikTok

How To Get Targeted USA Audience on TikTok

Things you need


One phone (it would be great if this is your secondary phone so you can factory reset it, remove all cookies if you used TikTok before, if you didn't then it's all good).

VPN (it can be a free app, or paid one, whatever)

The USA registered account (it must be registered on USA IP, and verified with USA phone, SMSPVA is great for that or you can just buy some TikTok USA PVA acc)


Remove the SIM card from your phone (store it somewhere so you don't lose it as I did, fml)

Turn off your phone

That's it. You don't need a phone anymore in your life. JUST KIDDING! Just turn the phone back ON

Now open up your VPN app and connect to the fastest USA server you can find. (MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK THAT YOU ARE CONNECTED TO VPN).

Now LOGIN (never log in to your account without VPN enabled) to your USA PVA Account.

If you see USA people on "For you" page then you made it!

Possible errors

  1. You're not seeing USA people on the "For You" page because your USA acc isn't good quality one.
  2. You can also try to find Aged accs, they are really better.
  3. NEVER FORGET TO CLOSE TIKTOK APP AFTER YOU FINISHED USING IT. Then you can turn your VPN off and don't access your acc without it.

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