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Rui Ribeiro


Make  money , Optimize Feeds , Mashups and  Adfly + Auto-tweets

Make money , Optimize Feeds , Mashups and Adfly + Auto-tweets

As of late Google refreshes have cleared out a portion of my autoblogs and EMDs. 

So I figured I'd prepare some Twitter autobots with the mashups I used to run feeder autoblogs, and use Adfly to adapt the connections in the channels. 

There a couple of websites out there with comparative strategies however I needed the completed yield to look somewhat slicker and more natural. The main (free) devices you 

need to copy what I'm doing: 

Yahoo Pipes - mashup feeds and add Adfly to joins 

Twitterfeed - RSS to Twitter (and other) post help 

Here is a model Yahoo Pipe 

Example: Yahoo Button : 


that shows the fundamental technique to take the RSS channels from different destinations and combine them into one. 

Note the regex that changes over the RSS interface field to an Adfly simple connection, so your Adfly pennant will show at whatever point someone taps the channel interface 

(in the event that you change the member ID from mine ) When you run the line, you can put the RSS yield interface into Twitterfeed, which will consequently post to whatever Twitter 

also, other social records you design. 

The last naturally created item looks something like this: (model) 


note that Twitterfeed can naturally wrap your Adfly connect in a tinyurl (or other shortener) connection to make your adfly interface somewhat more subtle. 

It's impossible you'll get rich from Adfly income, however I'm certain we as a whole are mindful of individuals making reasonable coin with comparable procedures. 

There's numerous elective income sources that can be designed also and numerous ways of utilizing takes care of and mashups. 

Trust you all get some utilization and additionally motivation from this! 

Thank you

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