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5 Methods To Improve Your Social Media Branding and Sales Strategies

5 Methods To Improve Your Social Media Branding and Sales Strategies

Everyone knows that social media is a great tool for keeping brands connected to their customers, but it can also be a powerful driver of direct sales activity.

If you use social media to attract customers and increase sales, have you made sure that your social media profiles are contributing to your sales funnel instead of each being a standalone element?

Here are five ways you can ensure your social media efforts are tied back to driving sales for your business.

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Plan Ahead

When launching your brand, keep in mind that your website is going to be just one of many marketing channels. You're going to need a range of online assets to maximize your visibility, and each of those assets will form another part of your sales funnel. You should look for a brand name that's ideally available across all the major social media platforms as part of this approach.

Build a Consistent Brand Image

Your brand's visual identity (logo and colors) is another powerful way to build brand recognition and increase your presence more broadly. Human beings are extremely visual, and we recall and recognize things through visual associations. This is due to 'pictorial superiority effect,' which relates to the brain's ability to retain visual information much easier than text.

Align Your Social Media Copy with Your Landing Page

Social media marketing is interruptive. People generally come to social platforms to see the latest updates from their friends and family, and your product links and promotions interrupt their activity. This is where a strong and consistent brand identity can help people more comfortable and confident when finding themselves on your page. Think about every click that your social media update or ad is going to drive to your site. Why would this social media user want to continue interacting with your page instead of clicking off to continue browsing their social media feed?

Use Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is one of the most effective ways to create cross-channel brand recognizability, but instead of just re-using the same content across as many channels as you can, consider a more creative approach.

Personalize Your Landing Page

Marketing personalization means providing different user experiences based on each person's previous interactions with your brand. There are various ways to use personalization for your social media sales funnel. One of the most obvious methods is using the Facebook Pixel, which captures data on people who visit and interact with your website, then enabling you to reach out to them with more personalized promotions based on their specific actions.

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